Finance Options

Whether you are a direct customer, a vendor offering our service or using a bespoke manufacturer scheme the CF Group has the widest possible range of leasing solutions.

Perhaps you have a new scheme in mind? Just give give us a call – we are always open to new ideas!

Here are some examples of our current range of finance options…

Minimum term, optional maintenance inclusive

This is our standard minimum term agreement in which is available the maintenance inclusive option which will…

  • Save time and trouble by including a quarterly maintenance charge for equipment with the rental collection.
  • Collect maintenance charges along with our rental by direct debit.
  • Improve cash flow, ease credit control workload and provide your customer with a single solution.
  • The maintenance charge can also include a maximum number of metered units.

Print plan

A facility made up of a single payment for equipment and maintenance expressed as a “charge per print”. This is dependant on either the term of the agreement expiring or usage of the total volume to end the agreement. This provides lessees with many benefits such as early equipment replacement, reducing term, no penalties for over usage and controlled monitoring of usage.

Low start

The Low Start facility can tailor the payments to match customer requirements. Payments can start low for a period and then increase to fall in line with new budgets. The product can also be used to build in expensive upgrade figures without increasing current lease payments. Once we know the capital cost of the goods, desired starting rental and period required for the reduced rental and we will calculate the rest.

Lease purchase

Essentially the same as Hire Purchase, the main difference is the terms and structure of payments, some lessors differentiate Lease Purchase from Hire Purchase by using it where the lessee elects to defer a substantial part of the asset’s value until the end of the agreement. For the purposes of tax and the way in which it is accounted for, a Lease Purchase agreement is treated the same as a Hire Purchase agreement.

Commercial loan

Our Commercial Loan agreement was developed for the financing of intangibles such as software licenses and support contracts. Like some other types of finance agreement the interest rate is fixed and the agreement is written over a fixed term. The main difference between a Commercial Loan and other finance agreements is that it is not for a specific piece of equipment, rather as its name suggests, it is a loan for an amount of money.


This product consolidates all customers existing agreements into one Master Lease has been designed with the larger customer in mind who has a requirement for numerous pieces of equipment to be delivered over a prolonged period of time or requires a multiple drawdown facility for one large transaction.

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